About Jay

Since 1990, Jay Andrews Productions has provided cutting edge audio and video services to radio, TV and internet media outlets. Putting your company in high profile form through the latest mix of technology makes for powerful media message. The latest FLASH video technology, Final Cut Pro, enhanced audio mixes for all applications, combined with copywriting and fast delivery — what you expect from a leading image consulting studio. Please listen and watch the demos, and call me. I will do everything possible to make your project the best it can be, from station liners to produced custom video productions.

My professional voiceover career began at the age of 3. Like most great written pieces, my copy was short, punchy and pointed, "VOTE FOR MY DADDY!" I'm not saying that I won him the election — but he did win. My next gig came in the form of homeroom announcements on my elementary school's P.A. system. None of these announcements were sanctioned by the school, and it ended abruptly the day I announced free orange push-ups for everyone in 4th grade.

I worked radio part time while a student at Gainesville High School. I stayed on the air through college, followed by memorable years at WFOX Atlanta, Z-93 Atlanta, 0-98 Fayetteville, NC, and I am now Director of Broadcasting and Digital Technology at Brenau University. If you've heard a station airing a Georgia Bulldogs football game, you've probably heard my updated, "Go you hairy dogs", or maybe you're a Furman Paladin, Wofford Terriers, or Atlanta Falcons fan, yeah that's me.
Every job is a big job to me, so please contact me today and let's get your project rolling!